PICLAP STUDIO: the 3D photography factory

3D photography factory
PicLab Studio is a design studio which develops and sources 3D content for companies wishing to add value to their products, enhance their users’ experience and maximise online sales.

Founded in 2013 by professionals in software development and industrial design, the core of our business is to find, develop and apply techniques of photogrammetry, image processing and gamification in order to enhance users’ online shopping experience.

PicLap Studio aims to integrate the creation and management of online visual content to become an international benchmark in both the development and delivery of 3D content.

At PicLap Studio we offer a wide range of services which can be tailored-made to meet all your company’s present and future e-commerce needs.

The creative process takes place at our brand new studio which has been set up with all the photographic equipment necessary for the caption of 3D images. We have also developed a software platform that integrates the whole process involved in the development of the visual content.

At PicLap we believe in creating content that will engage the visitor of your website, that is why we have chosen to produce 3D content using the technique of photogrammetry, which allows to virtualize an object with hyper-realistic texture. Take your time and check out our portfolio.

In addition, for those companies who prefer it, we can manage their visual content. We have developed software that selects the optimal visual content based on clients’ specifications such as bandwidth, resolution, device or browser to name a few. This allows us to deliver content which has been optimised to be viewed from any device, from a mobile of first-generation to a 21″ monitor.